Learn to Surf

Learning to surf is fun and easy with Maui’s great conditions and friendly patient instructors. Experience the sensation of dropping into your first Hawaiian wave. We have lessons for everyone; group, private, semi-private, and kids. Surfing is a great way to have fun in the ocean, and it might ignite a new passion and change your life.

Our beginner lessons: Our classic beginner surfing lessons are a great way to experience the feeling of surfing. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment, the best location, use proven techniques, and have the most experienced instructors to guarantee that you will have fun, and really Learn how to SURF.
Group lessons: Our groups are always small so that you get a lot of attention from your instructors. This makes all the difference to your surfing experience. Our style is to keep groups small and personal, that is the “Surf Club Maui” difference. We also offer Private, and semi-private classes if you prefer. And we also have Kids Surf Camps for ages 6 and up.
Our Location: Our Location has the best beginner intermediate surfing breaks in all of Maui. This surfing area offers a variety of waves for different levels of surfer. Our beginner surf spots have the ideal conditions.
Water temperature: the water is warm and comfortable, average 78 degrees (25.5 c). Most people just wear surf shorts and a surf shirt. So no wet-suit is required.
Water Depth: Where we surf is relatively shallow; waist to chest deep. and the waves break close to shore. It feels a lot safer than being way far out in the ocean.
Times: Our lessons are scheduled in the mornings when the wind is light. 8 am is our recommended start time, but we offer a 10 am and 12 noon start times (weather permitting).
Duration: Our beginner group lesson is 2 hours long. this includes a short land-lesson and lots of water time. This is the ideal duration for most people. On the water, you will be alternating between actively surfing and taking short breaks in between waves.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Learn to Surf in your first Session or your second lesson is 100% FREE. Your satisfaction is our Primary concern (after safety..) So please tell us if you have any issues and we will do our best to correct the problem, give you a second lesson free, or your money back!!
We now offer Action Photos of your Surfing Sessions with our Professional In-water Surf photographer. Let us know if you would Like Photos when booking and we arrange the session. 
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To make your reservation: Book Online, Text or Call: 1 (808) 280-7060