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Sharks and Stingrays

Sharks & Stingrays  Sharks and stingrays look quite different they share many of the same traits. They are in the same family of cartilaginous fish called the elasmobranchs. These creatures are not so scary once you learn a little bit about them. Here is some useful and interesting information about sharks and stingrays in Hawaii. STINGRAYS Stingrays come in all shapes and sizes, Stingrays in the environment: Stingray Physiology: Stingray Products: What do Rays eat?: Manta Rays: Avoiding Stingrays: Stingray self defense: Electric rays: Stingray Spines: The stingray spine can have a painful venom: Stingray First Aid: SHARKS Different types of Sharks: Shark Physiology: Reef sharks: Tiger sharks: Hammer Head Sharks: People and Sharks: Human intrusion into the sharks habitat: Shark behavior vs. Human behavior: Water Activities: Mistaken Identity: Avoiding sharks: Shark Interactions: Shark…

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January 11, 2016