Kayak Selection Guide


RESPONSIBILITY: Kayak equipment is available for rent. It is the renter’s responsibility to correctly state their ability, and only use equipment that they are trained to use. Risks are inherent in all water sports, but they increase greatly with incorrect use of equipment of misuse of equipment. If you are in any doubt of your abilities take a lesson first and get some help from an experienced and qualified instructor.

OCEAN KAYAK  “SINGLE”Are you looking for compact, affordable fun for everyone in the family? Take a look at the Frenzy. It has the stability and fun of the Yak Board with the addition of a strong keel line for good tracking in a compact craft. It’s the kayak that people keep for a lifetime. Forgiving in the ocean, touring  the reef, or paddling calm waters. What’s not to love?
  • Comfort Plus seat back
  • Large molded-in seat well
  • Tank well with removable bungee
  • Molded-in cup holder
  • Molded-in foot wells
  • Side mounted carrying handles
  • Renowned Tri-Form hull for stability, tracking and maneuverability
    Tri-Form Hull: Unique Tri-Form hulls pair an integral keel and sponsons to enhance straight tracking and boat stability. Our designers specialize in building performance hulls.
  • Threaded hull drain plug
  • Skid plate
  • LENGTH: 9′ 0″ | 2.7 m
  • WIDTH: 31″ | 78.7 cm
  • WEIGHT: 44 lbs | 20 kg
  • SEAT WIDTH: 18″ | 45.7 cm
  • LEG LENGTH: 50″ | 127 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY: 275-325 lbs | 124.7-147.4 kg
  • single use
    Seats one adult



  • Two Comfort Plus seat backs
  • Three molded-in seat wells
  • Gear straps
  • Convenient overlapping foot wells
  • Side carry handles
  • Skid plate
  •  Tandem Seating Icon - Malibu Two Seats two adults. Can also be paddled solo from center seat.
  • These allow for a center seated paddler to have comfortable foot bracing.
    Overlapping Foot Wells

  • LENGTH: 12′ 0″ | 3.7 m
  • WIDTH: 34″ | 86.4 cm
  • WEIGHT: 57 lbs | 25.9 kg
  • BOW SEAT WIDTH: 18.5″ | 47.0
  • STERN SEAT WIDTH: 20.25″ | 51.4 cm
  • CENTER SEAT WIDTH: 16.25″ | 41.3 cm
  • BOW LEG LENGTH: 44″ | 111.8 cm
  • STERN LEG LENGTH: 42″ | 106.7 cm
  • CENTER LEG LENGTH: 42″ | 106.7 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY: 375-425 lbs | 170.1-192.8 kg

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Kayak Paddles: Kayak paddles are double bladed, and have an offset.  The flat edge of the blade should hit the water first. The curved side of the paddle blade faces backwards. Do not use paddles to push off the sea floor, because they can easily break.
KAYAK PADDLE LEASHES: A Hull-to-Paddle Leash Must be used when Kayaking at all times.
LIFE JACKETS while Kayaking: A Buoyancy jacket (life jacket) is required to be worn while kayaking.


  • Never abandon your kayak, even if you get blown away from shore.
  • If you cannot re-enter your kayak, hold onto the handles and stay with the boat.
  • Do not use kayaks in the Surf.
  • Do not ride  the kayak up the beach, get on and off in waist deep water.
  • Do not kayak near people who are surfing.
  • Do not kayak near people who are fishing.
  • Do not go offshore farther than the reef line.
  • If it gets windy come ashore wherever you can, you might not be able to get to your starting point.
  • All people on the kayak MUST be able to SWIM.
  • It is recommended to take along a Cell Phone in a “dry pak” bag.
KAYAK TIPS: For more tips on How to kayak go to our Kayak Tips Page
REPLACEMENT COSTS: Any gear that is lost, stolen, or damaged will be subject to repair or replacement charges, please refer to our Repair Schedule Page for a list of Repair Costs and Replacement Values for the gear.

Please note: The renter assumes the risk for the activity. and they are also responsible for loss of the equipment, damages to the equipment as well as any and all damages caused by the equipment including injury to other persons and property damage. Overnight renters should have a secure place to keep the board when not in use. Do not leave boards on car racks overnight. Make sure that equipment are securely fastened to your vehicle before driving anywhere, and check the straps often. If the board starts getting loose while driving, pull over and re-tighten the tie-down straps. Renters are responsible for repair costs for repairs. Buckled boards or kayaks or otherwise irreparably damaged gear is considered broken and must be replaced. Lost or broken equipment will be paid for by the renter at fair replacement cost, usually MSRP. Please do not rent our gear unless you can afford to replace it, and if you are prepared to agree with these terms.

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