Learning to Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is fun and easy with Maui’s great conditions and friendly patient instructors. Experience the joy of cruising around the ocean on your board, looking for turtles, and watching the reef. We recommend group and semi-private lessons for everyone, adults, couples and families with teenage kids. SUP Stand-up-paddle boarding is a great way to have fun in the ocean. Try it once or start a new hobby. The memory of your SUP experience on Maui will last a lifetime.

Our beginner lessons: Our beginner Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) lessons are a great way to try get onto the water and try the sport. We make sure that you have the right equipment, location, technique, so that you can ride the board and have fun. ride waves.
Our Location: Our Location offers a variety of conditions from flat water for beginners, to waves for the advanced. This is one of the most popular spots in all of Maui. There is a large reef area that has several shallow protected sections, and some small breaks that offer variety. Most people will be happy to stay on the flat water for their first session or two.
Water temperature: the water is warm, average 78 degrees, so no wetsuit is required, most people just wear surf shorts and a surf shirt (aka Rashie). Some people may want to wear a thin neoprene shorty for extended all day SUP sessions.
What to Wear: We supply your Rashguard, and Booties. Small kids may want to get a wetsuit, especially for the multi-day camps. Most people will tend to stay dry (most of the time), so they can tend to get hotter doing SUP than when surfing. Unless it is cloudy or windy. You can wear your Sunglasses with a strap to tie them on, or Seaspecks, and a hat, and sunscreen. Lifejackets are available. *We sell rashguards, water shirts, seaspecks, and sunscreen at the store.
Water Depth: Where we surf is relatively shallow; waist to chest deep close to shore, but it will be overhead depth quite quickly. There are shallow areas of reef all around so you want to look before you jump off the board. We do not recommend walking on the sea floor because we want to protect your feet and the reef. So we give you surf booties to wear.
Times: Our lessons are scheduled in the mornings, when the wind is light. 8am is our best start time, but we sometimes offer a 10am and 12noon weather permitting.
Duration: Our beginner group lesson is 1.5 hours long. This includes a short land lesson, and lots of water time. This is the ideal duration for most people. On the water you will be alternating between actively paddling and taking short breaks and sitting on the board.
Groups: Our groups are small so that you get a lot of attention from your instructors. This is better and safer than “some other places” that will jam you into a big groups. Our style is to keep it small and personal. We want you to fall in love with SUPing like we did. So we always give you the best way to do it.
Extended Sessions: Some people might want to keep SUPing after the lesson. So we offer free extended board use after the lesson. This means that at the beach after your lesson, you ask your instructor if you can keep the boards out longer and keep SUPing. *If the instructor agrees, you can take a short break on the beach, then you can keep using your board, at the same spot, and bring it back to the shop afterward.
Some restrictions apply: *must be same day, *immediately after lesson, *at the same location, *only the original student may use the board, *kids must be supervised by adults, *no lending/sharing. Only if *weather permitting, and it is up to the instructor if you are ready to go solo. Students are then 100% responsible for their boards. Including paying for any damage and the full replacement value if board lost or stolen.  More…

To make your reservation: Book Online, Text or Call: 1 (808) 280-7060

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