About Us

About Us

Surf Club Maui is Maui’s friendliest surf school, and rental center. Lessons and Gear available on-site at the best surfing spot on the south side of Maui.  Maui’s original Surf Club and School for over 20 years. We offer every level of Surfing and SUP lesson for all ages from 6 years to Seniors.

We also rent: Surfboards, Bodyboards, SUP Standup, and Kayaks. Surf Club Maui is a locally owned family business for over 20 years. Our founders are lifetime water sports men and women that are committed to service and excellence. Surf Club is a supports and participates is various community programs for kids and special adult groups,  as well as providing our regular daily lessons from the island’s friendliest instructors.  Surf Club Maui/Maui Sports Unlimited LLC is a State and County Permitted ORAP Provider. We are 100% legitimate, responsible and insured.

Surf Club is here to make your ocean experience safer and more enjoyable. Come see us at our Surf Club Van at Kalama Park in Kihei, or give us a call, text, skype, email, or facebook, or Book Online!

Caution, Beware of fake Surf schools on Maui: Do not trust any schools that “operate on Sundays” or say they “surf away from crowds”, this is because they go outside of the approved beach parks and are unpermitted. These fake schools tend to give vague meeting locations like “beside the road” because they are trying to hide from the authorities. Do not trust them with your money or your safety. Beware of imitators! 


Amenities: There are Fresh Water showers for after surf. Public restrooms, and parking.
Items for sale include; Sunscreens, Hats, Shirts, Rashguards, accessories, and more