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Surf Club Maui has been a locally-owned, family-operated business for over 22 years. Maui Sports Unlimited LLC dba Surf Club Maui, is a State and County Permitted Ocean Recreation Activity Provider (ORAP). We are legally compliant, responsible, and fully insured. *State and County Permits are on display on our Surf vans.

Or hardworking instructors are taxpaying employees, that have real jobs that contribute to our community. They are passionate about their work, and are committed to providing the best experiences for our guests. Each member of our staff also cares about maintaining our local environment and protecting the natural and cultural resources for the community and future generations.

FYI, not all “Schools” are the same: Please do not trust any schools that “operate on Sundays” or say they “surf away from crowds”, this is because they go outside of the approved locations and are unpermitted. Sadly these “fake schools” undermine our local community by taking real jobs away from locals, and are breaking the law and the local rules.

On Maui, we have a lot of rules and standards in place that are designed to protect the resources and ensue that the local community can also enjoy the beaches and to protect the natural environment and cultural assets. Some beaches are restricted, or off-limits to surfing or other commercial activities as part of our community plan. People and businesses who care about the community and resources understand the importance of these rules and participate in these efforts to protect these resources and to ensure the enjoyment of everyone.

Surf Club is here for the long haul. Our founders are lifetime water sports men and women that are committed to service and excellence. Surf Club also sponsors, and/or participates in various community programs that, protect the environment, support kids, and serve special needs adult groups. We believe that we all have a responsibility to protect the ocean, sea-life, beaches, and culture.

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