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Knowing the Surf conditions is vital to surfing. Predicting where and when the waves will be good will help us to get the most from our sessions. For the current wind conditions and the surf report, don’t bother calling the closest surf shop. It is better to learn where to get your own Surf Information. Bookmark this page for our local Surf Info. Ocean Sports including, Paddle-boarding, body-surfing, body-boarding, longboard surfing, shortboard surfing, canoe surfing, wave ski surfing, stand-up paddle surfing, are some of the most popular ways to enjoy the breaking waves. Before choosing a location for any of these activities you should always know the surf forecast, and you should know the local area itself where you intend to surf. Water depth, tide height, rockiness, currents, and other water users (including marine life), must all factor into whether the spot will be a good choice. Ingress/egress: Take care when entering the water anywhere on Maui.

Even if you only want to go “wading”, there could easily be a lot more power in the waves than you anticipate. Keep in mind that not all areas on Maui are patrolled by lifeguards. So you will not have anyone to rescue you if you get into trouble. Also you should not venture out to a spot without checking with the locals for any unseen hazards. Always Take Surfing lessons from a professional instructor. They can show you how to negotiate the wave zone and help you avoid many of the common missteps that novice surfers make. There are also surf-guides that will show you where it is good to surf and how to navigate any new surf spot. Read on for more helpful information!