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Here on Maui we are lucky to have the ocean surrounding us. The ocean is a great place to play, surf, swim, and have fun. We visit the ocean for our fun and then we go home each night. The creatures of the coral reef stay in the water all the time and call the reef and the ocean their home. When we go into the ocean we must remember that we are sharing these creatures homes with them. We must think about these creatures, and try to take care of them and their home.


When engaging in the marine environment we should remember that the ocean and near shore reefs are home to a multitude of species. The biology of the coral reef is an amazing interaction of elemental forces and the balance between all the species that visit and inhabit the reef. Humans have a role in preserving the health of the reef, and humans have the ability to reduce their impact and have a positive effect on the well being of this natural resource. To be an ocean lover, is to be a nature lover. The ocean is a living community that envelops the globe and covers 70% of our planet. What we do in one part of the ocean affects the entire ocean. Also our conduct on land also affects the ocean too. Greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide, litter, and toxic waste, can affect the ocean. So every thing that we can reuse and recycle on land will in turn protect the sea, and its inhabitants.