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Lots of Turtles and Whales!!!

We are off to a great week at Surf Club Maui. Yesterday Mallorie was teaching a surf lesson and a whale breached right behind her and her students! It is the time of year when the mother humpback whales and their babies come close to the shoreline.

We also have had tons of turtles in the area! A few days ago, our Kayak renters were surrounded by a group of 5 curious turtles!
All these turtle and humpback whale sightings have reminded me that we need to remember that both of these animals (as well as Monk Seals) are endangered and protected under Federal and State laws.
Federal law states that no one may approach a humpback whale or sea turtle within 100 yards in Hawaiian waters. This means that all ocean users (boaters, swimmers, surfers, etc. ) must stay at least 100 yards from any humpback whale at all times.  If a whale or turtle approaches you, for instance – NOAA asks that you remain stationary and wait for the animal to move away.

Whales, turtles, dolphins, manta rays and monk seals are all very cool animals and will for sure leave you with a special experience when you encounter these animals.  Please remember, when you see any creatures in the ocean, do not chase, feed, or harass them.  They are allowing us into their home, so we need to be respectful and proceed with caution.  Below are some guidelines for viewing whales but it is good to use these guidelines for all ocean animals!