Kids Surf Camps

Kids Surf Camps

Kids Surf Camps are a fun and social way to enjoy the ocean. Small groups of Kids learn about the ocean and sharing the experience. Our location is great for Kids Surfing, and we always have our friendly patient and motivated instructors. regular camps run through summer, or we can schedule one at any time if you have your own group. *Read more below or Click the Book Online Button to learn more about Prices, Options, and Availability.

KIDS SURF CAMP “3day Camp” $249.00 (+ Tax)  3hrs/day

Our kids surf camps run through summer Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday each week. Ages 6-15 can participate, *some basic swimming skills are required. We supply the surfboards, shoes, and lycra shirts. Kids learn about the ocean, and how to surf safely. We have a great practice zone that has mellow waves and is close enough to shore so the parents can view all the action. Our instructors are super kid friendly and the kids are guaranteed to have a great time. Some kids will want to come back for multiple weeks. the groups are usually a 50/50 mix of local kids and visitors.

Our Location: Our location at Kalama Beach Park in Kihei has some of the best beginner surfing breaks in all of Maui. This surfing area is close to shore, relatively shallow, and user-friendly. Parents can easily watch the action and take photos, and the class stays close to shore. Water temperature: the water is warm and comfortable, average 78 degrees (25.5 c). Most people just wear surf shorts and a surf shirt. However smaller Kids may want to bring a shorty wetsuit. Water Depth: Where we surf is relatively shallow; waist-deep to chest-deep, and the waves break close to shore. It feels a lot safer than being way far out in the ocean.

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