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BEACH TYPES: Our Island has many different types of beaches. These range from the gentle and friendly swimming beaches on the south shore like Kamaole 1, 2, and 3. And range up to the high surf, high energy beaches on the north shore. The high energy high surf beaches are for experts only, and are not good places to swim. if you are planning a family beach day, choose a user friendly beach. A user friendly beach has accessible parking, amenities like restrooms, and showers, and preferably swim at a guarded beach. Only a small number of Maui beaches actually have life guards on patrol, so try to chose one of these,.. Especially of you have small children, or a large group. There are many other beaches that offer different conditions, that are favored by different sports enthusiasts. Fishing for example s one of Hawaii’s favorite pastimes. You will see fishing from almost any beach, and rocky shoreline. You generally do not want to swim where people are fishing. But you may also see the local kids swimming and fishing in the same place. This does not mean that it is a good place for you to swim. Also there are many remote beaches, especially on the drive to Hana, that look like inviting places to swim, but be warned that these beaches can sometimes look friendly but can be dangerous. East side beaches have a reputation for strong currents that can sweep you out to sea. even from the shoreline. So experienced water persons only please. Generally there are nice sandy beaches in front of the hotels and resorts. But check to see if these have lifeguards. Many of these beaches are great for sunbathing, but may have deep water or may be unpatrolled. They will usually have signs saying swim at your own risk. etc. Always read and heed these warning signs.

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