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Learn to Kiteboard on Maui

Learning to Kiteboard is Fun, with our patient and professionalKiteboarding on Maui Instructors. We have all kinds of beginner lessons and advanced lessons too. Our lessons are located at Kite Beach on Maui’s north shore. This location has a sandy beach in a cove surrounded by a protective reef. This creates a sort of lagoon where the water is calmer than the open ocean outside the reef. On Maui we have warm water all year round, no wet-suit needed, and we have reliable trade winds that are ideal for kiteboarding. In the lessons we supply all of the gear you need.  Which will include, kites and boards, as well as a harness, life-jacket and helmet, and rash-guard shirt. Kiteboarding is an extreme sport, but our lessons provide a safe environment to learn the basics. Our instructors select a kite size for each individual student. The size of the Kite should be matched to each individual person based on their size, experience level, and the wind speed. When learning you will start our with a smaller kite with less power, then progress to slightly larger kites as you gain control and confidence. having the correct kite size, is critical to safety, and is the difference between being scared or being comfortable and feeling in control. We only use the latest and best gear around. The latest equipment is usually the easiest to use, and the safest. Our instructors are trained and Certified with the worlds leading accreditation system. We have private lessons, and family group lessons, and longer courses available. Start times are usually 10:30am or 2pm 7 days a week. More Info…

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