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Ocean Safety


LEARN TO SWIM BEFORE LEARNING TO SURF Surfing is a sport that requires the participants to be able to swim. All people participating in surfing lessons must be able to swim. There are no exceptions allowed. Here are some of the reasons why: The act of “Surfing” itself, as in standing up on the wave, is not that physically difficult, but the environment is dangerous. Conditions in the ocean can be extreme, and the ocean always presents inherent dangers. Especially the ever-present risk of drowning.  The surfing environment, even close to shore, is never the same each day. So any location that might appear to be fairly calm and Safe on one day, might be rough and unacceptable the next.  Surf Lessons from professional Surf Instructors are “Risk-managed”: Surfing instructors usually help evaluate the conditions and choose the best location and…

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January 5, 2023