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LEARN TO SWIM BEFORE LEARNING TO SURF Surfing is a sport that requires the participants to be able to swim. All people participating in surfing lessons must be able to swim. There are no exceptions allowed. Here are some of the reasons why: The act of “Surfing” itself, as in standing up on the wave, is not that physically difficult, but the environment is dangerous. Conditions in the ocean can be extreme, and the ocean always presents inherent dangers. Especially the ever-present risk of drowning.  The surfing environment, even close to shore, is never the same each day. So any location that might appear to be fairly calm and Safe on one day, might be rough and unacceptable the next.  Surf Lessons from professional Surf Instructors are “Risk-managed”: Surfing instructors usually help evaluate the conditions and choose the best location and…

Surf Photography

We now offer Action Photos of your Surfing Sessions with our Professional In-water Surf photographer. Let us know if you would Like Photos when booking and we arrange the session. Photos make the best mementos. Show your friends, post your images on your Facebook, Make Prints or Email your friends and family. We give you…

Surf Club Maui Photos

Surf Club Photo Gallery Here is a gallery of family and friends enjoying beautiful Maui [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”1″ gal_title=”Surf Club Maui Photos”]

Surfing and SUP Lessons with Surf Club Maui

SURFING & SUP LESSONS We offer Surfing and Standup SUP lessons on Maui for all levels from beginner to advanced. Our Surf Club is located at one of Maui’s best surfing areas, Kihei’s Kalama Park, which offers a variety of conditions. We have lessons 6 days a week, and rentals 6 days a week. More…

Self-regulation guidelines for Surfing and SUP

Self-regulation guidelines for Surfing and SUP On Maui like many other popular surfing destinations we have seen a dramatic increase in people surfing. This includes Longboarders as well as SUP boarders. This is cause for concern as many new surfers do not know the etiquette and rules of surfing, and also many new surfers do not have the control necessary to surf safely in crowded conditions. Here is a set of Updated Surfing Rules to use as a guideline to help make the surfing experience safer and more enjoyable for all: 1) Know your level. Newbies: If you have never surfed or supped, get a lesson. Do not try to learn on your own, unless you are far away from other people. A lesson will show you the basics, and hopefully teach you how to avoid getting stuck in the…

Camp Today

Camp Today     Source: Surf Club Maui Blog

Keiki Summer Surf Camp

 Keiki Summer Surf Camp  We have been having so much fun at our Surf Club Maui Keiki Surf Camps in Kihei. This week we had keikis visiting from Colorado, Florida, Germany, Alaska, and of course Maui!! We always have lots of local kids in our surf camps as well.  We are also lucky to have…

Keiki Camp

Keiki Camp Today we had a great group of local keikis (kids) come to Surf Club and take surf lessons! After the kids finished their snack and got fitted for booties before lining up behind a surf board. After our instructor, Andre gave a lesson on technique and safety, all of the kids helped one another carry the boards out to the beach. Each kid’s face lit up when they caught their first wave. Surprisingly, after the three hour lesson, none of them were tired! They had so much fun learning to surf and to end the day, Dave told them a story about his personal surf experience. Part of our kids camp is ocean and reef awareness. We make sure to teach the kids (and big kids) about ocean etiquette, reef awareness, as well as safety.