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Tips & information

Tips & information General Information: Lessons by Appointment. All participants must be able to swim. Participants must sign a waiver. Adults sign for children under 18 yrs. Participants are responsible for gear. Safety Information: Surfing & ocean sports can be dangerous. Pay attention to the ocean conditions. Never overstate your abilities. Do not exceed your physical abilities. Participate at your own risk. Follow directions of instructors and warning signs. Report any injuries, dizziness etc. In an emergency call 9-1-1 For your Comfort: Wear a Rashguard shirt. Wear sunscreen on your face, neck head. Wear a hat even in the water. Cover other exposed areas. Wear booties for traction. Wear board shorts. Drink lots of water. Ocean Safety Tips: Never dive headfirst into the water. (Even when falling off your board). Protect your head and neck. Do not step on the…

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January 29, 2016

What SUP riders need to know for Safe SUPping

Safe Supping  What SUP riders need to know for Safe SUPping on Maui.     Always use a Board Leash Write your name and phone number on your board Never SUP farther than you can swim SUP with a buddy Tell someone where you are going Wear a life vest Take a cell phone…

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February 24, 2014

Self-regulation guidelines for Surfing and SUP

Self-regulation guidelines for Surfing and SUP On Maui like many other popular surfing destinations we have seen a dramatic increase in people surfing. This includes Longboarders as well as SUP boarders. This is cause for concern as many new surfers do not know the etiquette and rules of surfing, and also many new surfers do not have the control necessary to surf safely in crowded conditions. Here is a set of Updated Surfing Rules to use as a guideline to help make the surfing experience safer and more enjoyable for all: 1) Know your level. Newbies: If you have never surfed or supped, get a lesson. Do not try to learn on your own, unless you are far away from other people. A lesson will show you the basics, and hopefully teach you how to avoid getting stuck in the…

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August 21, 2013